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Isabel lowered her gunblade as the smoldering wreck of the mech fell into the sand. She nodded to the others. "Great job."

"Figures. I gotta enter a prison while on exam with half my butt hanging out." She turned to catch Isabel's eye and called out: "Hey Bel! Whaddaya think? Should I get a penalty for the damage or a bonus 'cause my ass looks fine?" She pointed her butt in Isabel's direction and brayed laughter in spite of herself.

Isabel smirked. "I say bonus. Maybe it'll distract the prisoners inside and we can take them out easier. I bet most of them haven't seen a girl in ages."

Smoke billowed out of the demolished mech as Crystal approached it. ” I think it's dead we should probably get moving” crystal said.

"Indeed." Isabel nodded and started for the garage.

"Did either of you see anyone go in?" Lily asked.

"That brooding guy with the sword ran by while we were taking on the mech." Isabel said. "I think another cadet was with him."

"Let's move out and get them some backup!" Lily declared.

"Agreed!" Isabel nodded.

Then Purvis appeared having been taking care of any other guards and security measures in the area. "Excellent work!" He said with a smile. "Lily I have to say your marksmanship was top notch!" He hefted his weapon casette and nodded to her approvingly. Then he spied the hole in her pants and his face twisted into an uncomfortable wince. "Might want to patch up your trousers there, cadet."

Then he turned to Isabel and Crystal. "You three head inside, I'll set up a beach head here. When you are finished with your mission report here and we'll evac any hostages via airship. Be careful inside. Monsters, security mechs, and prisoners will no doubt be crawling through the place. I have faith in all of you." He planted his casette into the sand and it folded open at the top into a T shape. An array of pistols were nestled inside the arms Purvis produced two of them and began to scan the horizon for any possible threat.

Isabel turned and started inside the prison, followed by Crystal and Lily.

Inside, they found fallen prisoners in the first hallway. Isabel frowned and stepped over one of the downed prisoners. "Yeah, looks like Brood-Boy's work."

They reached a t-junction in the corridor and Isabel stopped to determine which direction to take. There were a couple more bodies to the right, no doubt left in Kato's wake. Isabel didn't have much inclination to follow his path of destruction. The kid always seemed one moogle short of a synth shop.

"Let's head left. The schematics the intel provided says it leads to a bridge to Tower C. That's where the warden's office is. And no doubt The Colonel..."


Colonel Radek Zephyr stood behind a railing on the balcony behind the warden's office. He could see the new G-Republic Forces trying to breach the prison's outer defenses. The same devices meant to prevent prisoners from getting out proved just as capable of preventing entry as well. It was a testament to classic G-Army ingenuity.

He also spotted SeeD forces. Airships baring the symbol for Garden were joining the battle. He knew it was a matter of time. In fact he counted on their arrival. He turned around just in time to see one of his fellow prisoners, a former lieutenant in the old G-Army, rush up and salute him.

"Colonel! It seems the defenses near the garage have been destroyed. We may have a breach." The lieutenant said.

"No doubt SeeD have entered the facility." Radek said in a cool and calm tone.

"Should we dispose of some of the hostages to deter them?" The lieutenant asked.

Radek shook his head. "No. We stick to the plan. They will go for the hostages first. Which will provide us the opening for us to make our escape."

There was a beep which came from the lieutenant's radio and some static-filled chatter. The lieutenant listened then looked back up to the Colonel. "Sir, teams 13, 17, and 21 are no longer reporting in."

"A shame, but desperate times call for desperate measures." Radek went back inside into the warden's office and consulted the monitor on the warden's desk. "Is is ready?"

"We haven't stocked it with the necessary supplies, and it isn't fully charged."

"How long until it's ready?"

"Another half-hour at the most, sir." The lieutenant said.

Radek nodded. "Good. In the meantime... let's keep our new guests busy. Send in five teams to intercept them."

"Yessir." The lieutenant saluted and left Radek alone with his thoughts.


As Isabel, Crystal and Lily reached the room at the other end of the enormous walkway bridging towers A and C there was a loud explosion which came from behind them. Much to their shock, the walkway had been blown to smithereens.

"Was that a stray shell?" Isabel asked. But her question was answered when a large group of prisoners rushed into the room wielding everything from rifles to swords. "A trap!"

"You SeeD brats are gonna pay!" one prisoner shouted as he lobbed an electro-stun grenade at them.

Isabel raised her hand and shouted "Aero!" which caused a gust of wind to catch the grenade and send it flying back into the crowd of prisoners. They all tried to dive out of the way as it detonated but a couple of them were caught by the resulting wave of electricity and started convulsing on the floor.

"Clear the room!" Isabel shouted to Crystal and Lily as she rushed one of the prisoners and swung at him with her gunblade. The prisoner ducked and brandished his own sword.

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