Lily meets Kato

Lily pushed on, drawing one of her heavy caliber pistols and reloading it without looking. She'd done this so often for all her guns she could get by on nothing but muscle memory. Her uniform felt clammy with heat and tension. Every so often she glanced back at the two other girls and the snow leopard GF behind her.

Suddenly she perked up, tilting her head towards an upcoming corner in the corridor and raising her free hand. Footsteps were pattering up the hall, coming closer. She quickly weighed her options. They couldn't risk killing an escaped hostage, but neither could they risk being caught off-guard. She lingered at the corner in a half-crouch, the muscles in her legs tensed like coiled springs. The footsteps were almost upon them.

The moment the figure stepped around the corner, Lily sprang. In a single movement she put her lower arm across his chest and slammed him into the opposite wall. With the other she jabbed her pistol under his ribcage. Then she saw who it was.

"Frickin' hell, mate! I almost turned your guts into giblets!" She released Kato and let him dust himself off. "Kato, right? Where's your team?"

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