Kato was swiftly making his way toward the bridge to Tower C, which seemed to be about where Nathan thought Kato would find the others. Sensing that he was almost there, Kato picked up his pace just a bit more as he approached a turn in the hallway...

Just as he rounded the corner, he got a glimpse of a few figures before a strong arm suddenly slammed into his chest and pushed him across the hallway. He felt a hard object pressed against his abdomen.

"Frickin' hell, mate! I almost turned your guts into giblets!" his attacker, a red-headed girl in a SeeD uniform cried. "Kato, right? Where's your team?"

A little dazed from getting thrown against the wall, Kato didn't think to immediately reply to her, instead directing his attention to Mithrat, who had failed to provide his power of foresight. "Why didn't you warn me?!" he growled.

"You won't always be able to rely on me to save your hide, lad." Mithrat chastised. "You need to learn to use your brain and exercise caution when turning blind corners in hostile territory. Besides, who am I to interfere with this opportunity of yours to experience the closest thing you'll get to being embraced by a cute girl?"

Kato rolled his eyes. Just then, an unfamiliar voice remarked, "Children, get your head in the game and focus. We should split, half going for the hostages the other half going after the Colonel. Time is not on are side, now focus!"

"I'm with him on that one," an effeminate voice replied.

"I might be able to help you with that plan once your done mugging me," Kato wheezed.

Once he caught his breath, Kato continued, "So, that kid I was with, Nathan, has hacked into this place's security system, or so he says, and is now able to see about everything that's goin' on in here through the cameras or something. He asked me to pick up some radios off the dead guys and fetch you all so we can come up with a plan of attack."

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