Plan of Attack

Kato didn't really care one way or another what he had to do or who he did it with, as long as the job got done and pass his exam. "Okay, so, me and the white-haired girl are going after the Colonel. What are you gonna do?" he asked Nathan.

"I was thinking I would stay here and monitor the cameras for you guys and provide directions while I try to disable the automated security," Nathan replied. "Do you have the radios I asked for?"

Kato nodded and placed three radios on Nathan's adopted desk.

Nathan frowned and picked up one of the radios and began fiddling with the display. "A fourth radio would have been nice, as I would have liked to have had a spare one that I could use to listen in on enemy broadcasts or to try to reach out to the NGR forces outside, but I suppose I can live with three," he murmurred distractedly as he turned a dial on a radio and typed some numbers onto a note on his laptop. At one point, the radio squawked to life, and some barely discernable chatter could be heard.

After a few moments, Nathan continued, "Alright, the default frequency for these radios seems to be 395.89 Mhz, and this is what the bad guys are using. To avoid letting them listen in on us, we will be using a custom frequency of 736.75 Mhz..." Nathan showed everyone how to use the radios, then handed one to Isobel and the other to Kato. "Kato, your team is going to face a lot more resistance than Isobel's. There looks to be almost 20 guys around the mech, and that's not including the ones outside keeping the monsters away. If you get there and realize that you're in over your head, give the rest of us a shoutout and we'll try to come in to back you up."

Kato nodded. This definitely wasn't gonna be easy, but hopefully, with Mithrat, the white-haired girl, and her Guardian Force on his side, the fight would be winnable.

Nathan clasped his hands. "Any other comments and concerns, or are you guys ready to roll?"

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