The Hostages

When they reached the door, she grabbed the radio and pressed the talk button. "We're outside the door by the crates," she breathed silently into the radio, not daring alerting to their presence. "Do they have eyes on the door? Over."

Nathan responded. "You're clear."

With that being said, Isabel looked to Lily and nodded for her to start drawing the G-soldier's fire. She prepared to launch herself over the crates and at them once they were properly distracted.


Radek smirked as the last of the supplies were loaded onto the mech. Freedom was just a few minutes away, and he could taste it. It was now, or never...

(OOC: Apologies for taking so long to get around to posting. I've been dealing with some difficulties at home and at work that required a lot of my attention, and it left me with little free time to keep this game going. I hope that it wasn't too long of a wait.)

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