Lily attacks

Lily sought eye contact with Isabel and nodded slowly. She carefully inched the door open, trying to see inside and remain undetected as long as possible. To the left of the door entrance, the stacks of crates obscured most of her view. She could hear murmured voices behind, one coming from the unseen far left corner of the room.

She stepped carefully through the door and made her way past the crates, trying to keep her footfalls silent. She saw an arm and shoulder come into view and stopped. The armed man was indeed standing in the far corner, the barrel of his sub-machine gun now just visible around the edge of the last crates Lily was crouching besides.

Making eye contact with Isabel again, who was ready to spring into action, she held up three fingers, two fingers, one. She jumped up and to the right, aiming a shot at center of mass of the surprised guard. Blood sprayed from his abdomen and he doubled over. Shouts and commands were erupting from behind the crates now, while Lily aimed two purposefully high shots through the wooden crates, seeking to avoid hurting any hostages. Splinters flew, and a few hostages shrieked. "NOW!" Lily thundered, hoping this would be enough cover for Isabel to take them out.

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