Almost There

With Nathaniel's guidance, Kato, the white-haired girl whom Kato had learned was name Crystal, and her Guardian Force, the white leopard called Snowflake carved a path through the prison, taking out a handful of monsters and another squad of escaped prisoners until at last they stood in front of the room where the Colonel, his remaining men, and the big snake-robot thing lay.

Wiping off his blade on the corpse of one of the men that had been standing guard at the door, Kato turned to Crystal. "Well, this is it. It will be the three of us versus, like, twenty dudes. You ready?"

Before Crystal could reply, Mithrat whispered to Kato's mind, "You seem to have forgotten me. If you want to even the odds, how about you summon me?"

"Oh yeah," Kato murmured activating his GF Seal, which allowed Mithrat to materialize.

"Ahh, that's better," Mithrat grunted as he flexed his claws. "So, humans, did you have any sort of a plan in mind before you charged in there, or were you just thinking about winging it and hoping for the best?"

"I was leaning toward the later, but if any of you have suggestions, I'm all ears," Kato replied.

"Perhaps Crystal, Snowflake, and I can sneak in and conceal ourselves in secluded areas of the room, then you can charge in and make a scene, and while you buy time, the three of us will pick off any men that wander too far from the main group. Doing this, we should be able to make a significant dent in their numbers before we are discovered, and once pitched battle commences, we will be in a better position to either triumph or at least survive long enough for backup to be able to rescue us."

"So I get to be a distraction, huh?" Kato smirked. "Works for me. Crystal, Snowflake, do you guys have any other suggestions, or are you game with me drawing fire while you do the actual killin'?"

(OOC - Avenue, would you like Radek to be a recurring villain, or would you like Kato and friends to pass this exam with flying colors? As we approach this showdown with Radek, do you want to retain exclusive control over what Radek says and does, or would you be okay with Lily and I writing stuff for him for expediency's sake? Or we could write the big showdown as a joint post. Your call, I'd just like to know what my boundaries are.)

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