Hostages Secure

Making eye contact with Isabel again, who was ready to spring into action, she held up three fingers, two fingers, one. She jumped up and to the right, aiming a shot at center of mass of the surprised guard. Blood sprayed from his abdomen and he doubled over. Shouts and commands were erupting from behind the crates now, while Lily aimed two purposefully high shots through the wooden crates, seeking to avoid hurting any hostages. Splinters flew, and a few hostages shrieked. "NOW!" Lily thundered, hoping this would be enough cover for Isabel to take them out.

Moving with the speed of a gale force wind Isabel rushed into the room and reduced the remaining crates to splinters with a swipe of her gunblade revealing the other guards who were in the process of taking cover behind them. She spun around in the air and brought her gunblade down on one guard. There was a loud bang and a flash of fire as she discharged a round at the moment of striking. The guard was simply gone, nothing but ash remained. Isabel used the recoil from the blast to guide her to the next guard where she repeated the process.

Once the room was cleared Isabel went to check the hostages. Most of them were prison guards and a few nurses from the medical staff on hand. None of them seemed worse for wear. Which was a relief.

Isabel consulted the radio. "Hostages secure. Guys, if you're ready to move on the Colonel now is the time."


"Contact with the guys guarding the hostages was cut off, Colonel." Radek's lieutenant announced.

Radek nodded. "SeeD... predictable SeeDs." He pushed the dual levers in the cockpit of the large mech and it sprang to life. "Time to leave."

(OOC: If you guys didn't already see my comment on Nim's post, yes I do intend for Radek to be a recurring villain. So he does end up escaping sadly. However, feel free to write for him in any subsequent posts you guys make since it'll be easier, and you guys don't have to keep waiting on my slow-posting tuchus)

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