Crystal and snowflake followed Kato throw the maze of hallways. The fights were no problem. Once they reached their destination Kato released Mithrat. Snowflake grind when he saw Mithrat. ” I see your still playing games with your campaign ” Snowflake said. He listened quite to Mithrats segregation. ” or perhaps I will join Kato in housing a distraction since you prefer to hide and sneak up on your pray. Besides I can freeze the floor beneath our enemy. ” snowflake said. Crystal shook her head.

” ok but wail you two are busy discussing tactics are enemy is getting away” crystal said getting her now ready I’m Going in you with me Kato” crystal asked jest before she slipped into the room she stayed in the shadows and found a good place to hide and lay down cover fire.

”Hay there on the move its now or never” crystal thought.

” we have to move now” snowflake said urgently. He turned to the door. Then looked at Kato. ” you coming” the cat asked.

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