More fighting

Crystal stayed concealed where she was and watched the fight. She had let an arrow lose when she had an opening to take out of of the guns on the big serpent like mech. However when Kato disappeared inside the mech crystal moved to leave cover and go after him.

“ no stay put” snowflake growled at her.

“ but Kato will need help” crystal shot back she was still hidden for the moment.

“ you will be no help to anyone dead, stay in culver reviling yourself now is unwise” snowflake growled at crystal. Crystal reluctantly stayed here she was she watched quietly for more opportunities to fire at the Mech. Sadly none seamed to be presenting themselves. Well until prisoners stated to file out of the neck and the thing shot it’s tail into the back wall. Snowflake froze the ground beneath the prisoners feet causing them to slip and lose there footing as they got out of the mech. Crystal took this opportunity to fire several arrow into there number. She took down five of the soldiers in this way. However with snowflake focused on freezing the ground he would not be able to defend himself from the oncoming prisoners for long.

Crystal chose that moment to cone out of concealment and get in close to the prisoners in order to keep them distracted from snowflake for as long as possible. Hopefully help would come soon. However help was not quite fast enough and snowflake had to stat fighting the soldiers as well. As the large cat joined the fight the frozen ground began to thow.

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