The cavalry arrives

Just then, Lily came barging through the door, followed by Isabel. She looked around and said: “What’d we miss?" Then she noticed the giant mech with the drill and her jaw dropped. “Oh. That.” She sighed deep and said in a mock voice: “‘Don’t bring your big gun, Lily! Gotta be quiet Lily! You won’t need to fight a giant fucking robot, LILY!” She strafed around the perimeter of the mech, searching for a weak spot on the surface, her large pistol at the ready, and muttered: “I gotta find a bigger gun around here.” A bullet grazed her shoulder and she took out the approaching prisoner, but she had to retreat for cover when the remaining autocannon started shredding the concrete around her.

Isabel whistled sharply, diving into cover next to Lily. Fenrir appeared at her shoulder. "We need to get that autocannon down, but we need its sensors obscured or I can't get close. Fenrir, we trained for this! Screen Ball And Dash." Fenrir grunted his approval. "So you are learning, child," he growled. Isabel nodded, a hint of a smile at the corner of her mouth. She turned to Lily. "I got the cannon," she said simply. "Go help Crystal. Keep the prisoners occupied."

Lily nodded, then ducked and winced as another rain of heavy slugs pelted them. "Better chop-chop, Bel," she said. "Or we're gonna be smoking stains on the floor!" But she grinned with excitement. As soon as the salvo stopped, she dashed around the corner and shot once, twice, thrice into the throng of prisoners, the loud rapport of the pistol drawing attention away from Crystal, who had the opportunity to launch two more arrows, rapidly thinning the chaotic crowd.

Fenrir, in the mean time, assumed an attack stance, his head low, hindquarters raised, hair heckling around his neck. A focused blast of wind spiraled along the ground, picking up dust and shredded concrete as it went and curling towards the mech. As the blast of wind rose, it curled into a ball, a thick mass of swirling matter caught in a neverending vortex of wind. It folded itself around the autocannon. "NOW!" the wolf growled, but Isabel was already away. She sprinted out of cover, unsheathing her gunblade as she went. Fast as the wind Fenrir summoned to carry her, she leapt up, pushed off a half-broken forklift, rode a blast of focused air and slashed through the middle of the spinning ball of dust. A loud, metallic squeal rang, and a shower of sparks erupted as Fenrir's cover fell away. Several chunks of the autocannon fell away, clanging against the metal surface and landing on the concrete with a sharp bang. Isabel landed on top of the mech, holding on to a ridge protruding from the surface.

Lily cheered. "You go, Bel!" She rolled sideways, shot a distracted prisoner and got behind Crystal as she reloaded. "Good work, girlie," she told Crystal. "Now let's get that in that mech and show Radek who's boss! By the way, where's Kato?"

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