Home Sweet Home

Even after half a day of tying up loose ends and getting transported to recover, Kato was still feeling quite battered by the time their train pulled back into Galbadia Garden. As they unboarded the train, he caught a glimpse of Nathan's retreating form. Both of them had been sullen on the ride back, but for very different reasons. Kato was sporting a concussion and talking to people exacerbated the pain in his head, whereas Kato believed the cause of Nathan's mood stemmed from the fact that he had killed his first man (and two more after that). Kato had seen similar such emotional responses in other colleagues who committed their first murder back when he had been a gangster. The silent, internal excuses and justifications for why the man or woman had needed to die to assuage the haunting, heavy guilt... oh yes, he had seen it many times, and he had also experienced it himself.

Following that train of thought caused Kato to recall his own first kill. He had admired the Enforcers of his gang back then and had wanted to become one. On his sixteenth birthday, his "present" had been the first of a series of hazing rituals instuted by his gang for promotion into that esteemed rank. The last trial of the day had been to kill a man who had been accused of betraying the gang. The snitch had been bound, and Kato had been tasked with executing him with a shiv. Kato had sliced and stabbed the guy almost thirty times with that crummy little knife before he finally croaked. The feeling of that man's blood on his hands and the sound of his muffled cries (the traitor had been gagged) still haunted Kato at times like this when he got too pensive.

Speaking of which, all this reminiscing was making Kato's head hurt worse, and now he was the last guy on the train. He hastily got to his feet and got offboard.

"Excellent work, all of you. You made Galbadia Garden proud today. Feel free to return to Garden, clean yourselves up, and get some rest. You will be summoned to the Headmistress' office at a later time where you'll receive your scores." 

Yeah, a shower did sound great right now. Kato had been so filthy after being dug out of the wreckage of part of the Colonel's giant snake robot that he had been leaving stains on every surface he came in contact with, including the train seat and his hapless chocobo...

Sometime later, as the hot water of his shower was chiseling away at the blood, dirt, fuel, and other types of grime that had caked onto his person, Kato found himself wondering how well he had scored. He dearly hoped he had passed. Hopefully the twenty-something dudes and monsters he had killed would offset the fact that he gotten incapacited and that the Colonel had gotten away. Mithrat had gotten clobbered by the mech as well, although thankfully the Guardian Force didn't seem to be holding that against him.

Kato staggered out of the shower fifteen minutes later, which was almost a record length for him. He was feeling quite drowsy by this point. Thankfully, Purvus had given them permission to get some rest, so...

After getting into his bunk, he went out light.

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