You Are SeeDs

Isabel returned to her dorm and showered and rested up. Though the rest actually consisted of her cleaning and sharpening her gunblade. By the time she did get to sleep it was well into the morning and she didn't wake up until just before noon. By then, the Garden was abuzz with the news of the latest group of trainees becoming official SeeDs.

Just after Isabel was able to grab some breakfast the intercom blared and a voice called for Instructor Terre's group to meet up at the Headmistress's office. Isabel got up and went there and found the others waiting. The anxiety was palpable as they stood in silence. Isabel was confident they had all done well. The look of pride on Instructor Terre's face was proof of that. He could barely contain his pride as it showed in the gleaming smile he was sporting as he stood in the headmistress's office.

And then Headmistress Charon entered and calmly assessed each and every student as she went around to the front of her desk. All the students saluted her and she nodded for them to be at ease.

"Today I am proud to welcome you into the ranks of SeeD. You make this Garden proud. You make me proud. And you have proven that Galbadia Garden is ready to once again become a force for good in this world after the dark and troubled history we have hanging over all of our heads. Continue to be the shining example our Garden needs you to be. I expect only the best from my students, and you are the best."

She then went towards the first student, Lily, and leaned in and whispered something into her ear. Though unheard by the others, Lily heard her say: "Rely on your aim, it only takes one bullet to change the outcome of a battle."

Then she went to Kato and whispered: "Your past does not define you. Who you are today is what matters. And today, you are SeeD."

Then to Nathaniel. "You may appear small, but you have great potential."

Then to Crystal. "If you are still having trouble getting around the Garden I can give you a map if need be." She then smiled an winked at Crystal before reaching Isabel.

"Finally, a gunblade expert. A rare weapon for a skilled warrior. Remain swift and true in all your adventures."

And then she returned to her original position in front of her desk and bowed. "You are SeeDs, special forces, guardians of peace. You are the first and last line of defense against forces who would see our world fall into chaos. Remember your duty, and serve those you protect with integrity and honor." Then she smiled at them. "Ahhh... enough serious talk! Go and enjoy the festivities, the graduation ceremony will take place later in the evening. Today, you celebrate. Tomorrow we will hand out your first mission. For now... Party!!!!"

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