Lily celebrating

Lily nodded a polite thanks as she received her advice from the Headmistress. Her face remained rigid, even wooden, as the others received theirs. She turned and marched off with quiet dignity as the small ceremony wrapped up.

As soon as she and Isabel had rounded a corner and were out of line of sight of Charon, she erupted. "We're SeeD! We're SeeD! Bel, we're SeeD! We made it! We actually did it!!" she bounced up and down, pumping her fists in the air and doing a little dance. She just could not contain it any longer, it was like her every muscle was electrified. She pulled Isabel into an overenthusiastic, rib-cracking hug, which she quickly relinquished when Isabel audibly struggled for breath. "Whoops, sorry!" she said, turning scarlet. "I'm just... Well, you know! We've finally made it! Do you think they delivered the uniforms to the dorms already? Oh my god I'm just so excited!" And she bounced some more, trying and failing to shake off the excess energy that was coursing through her body.

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