We made it

“ that’s sound advice you should take it” snowflake growled at crystal.

Crystal only smiled and thought back to the cat. “ we will figure it out because getting lost is half the fun” she thought back.

Once they left the office crystal could not help but giggle when she saw Lily practically tackle Isabel. “ you two most have known each-other for a long time I can’t believe we all passed” she said to the two of them.

“ hay Kato how are you and was it Mithrat I think that’s what you called him. You too took quite a beating” crystal said.

“ you can remember a name yelled in battle but I bet that you can’t remember how to get back to the dorms. You still need a lot of practice starting with don’t drop your weapon. ” snowflake said. Crystal glared.

“ would you quit teasing me snowflake” she growled. Then covered her mouth with her hands having released she said that out loud.

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