Lily has a history of missing Squall

Lily was indeed letting her appetite loose upon the many appetisers and hors d'oeuvres. She was kicking back on a chair, chewing happily upon a small plate of deep fried adamantoise, when she saw Isabel approaching all giddy and grinning. She waved her over, swallowing her bite and setting the plate aside. "Hey girl! What's got you all riled up?"

Isabel began telling about her encounter with Balamb's legendary headmaster, but she'd barely said his name when Lily interrupted her with: "Squall's here? And I missed him?! AGAIN?!"

Seeing her puzzled face, Lily sighed. "I keep missing out on meeting that guy! I visited my uncle a bunch of times, so I got to meet President Laguna and Kiros a few times each of course, and even Ellone a few times. God, that woman still looks like you could snap her in two by breathing too hard. Some of the Balamb Six were visiting at the same time I was, too, a few times, and I already met Quistis and Zell." She giggled. "Zell is so funny! Seriously, like this one time... Err, I'll tell that one later. So anyway, I also wanted to meet Squall of course, and twice over he was in Esthar same time as me, and EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I missed him! Either I had time but he was meeting Laguna or Ellone in private, or for something official, I don't know, or he'd come and meet my uncle while Kiros or Elka... You wouldn't know her... were taking me to see the moon base or the memorial. And now he was here and I missed it again?!" She smacked the table and the plate of meat jumped half an inch of the table. She fixed Isabel with a piercing stare. "Please tell me he is still around?"

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