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Summary: An ADD, artistic, soft maniac who loves snails.

Quinn Hill

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Gender: Non Binary (He/She/They)

Age: 19 (in reality is 17)

Group: Heroes


American. A little bit of Native American, and a lot-a-bit of German and Italian.


Currently enrolled in college, they work as a florist part time. Their goal is to work for NASA, and in all honesty, they are feeling pretty good about reaching said goal.
Skills include visual arts, writing, singing, and playing sports. They are also great at associating photos, settings, and situations with people, and tend to do this better than they can remember a face or a name.


Likes: Reading, LGBTQ+ shows/movies/books, writing, macaroni and cheese, spinach, pickles, black olives, photography, art, plays, musicals, music, sports, romance (like, stories, chill out), monsters, aliens, science, math, tiny things, cinnamon, sour foods.

Dislikes: Insides being on the outside of someone/something, pork, being patient, annoying people who either cant read a room or invades their space often, bitter things, too many sweet things, technology (it hates them for some reason), being mocked, bullies.

Physical Appearance

Quinn is 5'11, a healthy weight, and usually wears jeans and a NASA hoodie. Their hair is cut short, and is dark brown/auburn, and their skin is tan. They have grey eyes that reflect the colors they wear, so sometimes their eyes look blue, green, brown, or even weird colors like purple or yellow. Quinn has soft freckles everywhere on them, and they have uneven nails, mostly because they're too lazy to cut them unless they break or it becomes annoying, and also because they find that longer nails make their hands look prettier. They have two sets of ear piercings, and usually wear a necklace with a small, rectangular pendent with an even smaller turquoise oval set in the middle of it. They have a resting bitch face, but it isn't intentional.

Personality and interests

Quinn isn't a very patient person, and tends to accidently interrupt and annoy people a lot, but they're a soft hearted person overall. To them, it isn't easy to make friends, but the number of "friends" they have would prove otherwise. They're creative, artistic, and think romance is the next best thing to popcorn, but doesn't actively search it out and is just content with writing and reading stories about it. They have horrible ADD, and have random bouts of self-doubt and mild depression and anxiety, and usually lacks motivation to do things, but they still try anyways. Quinn is a hard worker, determined, and impatient with everyone expect themselves, pushing themselves for no other reason than habit. If you catch them at a bad time, or they become too nervous or upset, you might catch them scratching themselves repeatedly and them not realizing it.
Interests include anything artsy. This includes photography, visual arts, crafts, theater, music, dance, landscaping, architecture, even engineering and animation. They are also really into snails, saying they're just "slimy, tiny puppies", and hey love to hear about other people's characters. Quinn loves mythology, mostly Greek, and are very interested in space and anything alien.


The Real History: Quinn was born in West Virginia, and moved to Texas when they were about four. After that, they moved around in Texas every year, until about fourth grade, and ever since they have lived in the same place. They mostly grew up with their grandma, mom, and dad, though her parents were divorced, but they all loved each other. The only reason their parents divorced was because the dad was an alcoholic. later on, when Quinn was ten, their dad passed away. By this time, their mother remarried, and they not lived in a house with her and The Abomination. They made a friend in fifth grade that stayed with them through thick and thin, for some fucking reason (U the real MVP, MK), and they ended up going to the same schools together. Quinn earned medals in sports and art throughout middle school, and took advanced art classes through both middle school and high school, being an honors student through it all. They became the Vice President of their favorite club during their senior year of high school, was accepted into one of their dream colleges, and seemed to be more or less set for the future, with a few exceptions. Then, they became comatose.

The Fake History: Pretty much what the real history includes, except their father never died, their mother never met their stepdad and remarried, and they stayed in sports throughout high school. Their dream reality is set in a future they might not ever truly see, and they are going to their dream college, and working a nice job, and applying (and being accepted) for internships at NASA. Instead of their best friend going to a different college, as planned in the actual reality, they go to the same college. Their friend studies archeology, they study astrophysics, and life could not be more perfect. Despite this, they grow bored with life, getting everything they want and not really having to work for it. They have a loving boyfriend, their best friend is going to the same college and following their dream, their parents are alive and well (albiet divorced)... But it just doesnt feel right. There isnt any risk, or adventure.

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