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Summary: Protector

Ari (deceased)

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Gender: Male

Age: 23

Group: Humans

Physical description

Ari is a 23 year old male who stands at 5"9 in height and weighs almost 170 lbs, built heftily with long limbs to add up to an imposing figure. He has gradually darkening blond hair that is cut no further than his ears, with a fringe that parts in the middle. His exposed forehead has a tattoo of the Virgo constellation on it, inked in yellow. He has a singular dark blue eye, and wears an eyepatch over the space where the other should be. He has freckles just above his nose. His skin tone is olive.


Ari is a kind but forceful individual who tries to keep the group under control to the best of his ability, using his physical advantages when necessary and showing no fear in getting roughed up. He is very much a father bear, with a feeling of protectiveness towards his companions that even he cannot understand. He also has an understanding of their insecurities that he cannot pinpoint: only that he feels dedicated to them.

He believes strongly in sticking together, and tries his best to act as glue when people slip loose. Despite his peace-making attempts, he is surprisingly impatient when tempers flare. He is emotional and often reacts to the mood in the room by mirroring it, drawing happiness from others being relaxed and harmonious. Sadly, he is only relaxed when they are all together. He feels that he cannot trust anyone with them, and he will fret endlessly if he becomes split from a single member of the group. Often, he will run on his own at the slightest peep of their location. His gut feeling of needing to stay together can cause his personality to flip when others leave willingly.

Notably, Ari can be very brutal and violent towards people whom he perceives as a threat. He'll do what it takes to get revenge on someone else's behalf or restrain a shadow upon their safety, although he has a moral objection to killing children or the elderly. However, everyone else is fair game if they pin a target on their own heads. Ari does not forget either; let alone forgive. He is easily angered by transgressions, and although he won't go seeking revenge, he won't pass up on the opportunity either.

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Image of Ari (deceased)
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