Image of Devira Selain (deceased)

Summary: Trust noone.

Devira Selain (deceased)

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Gender: Female

Age: 28

Group: Humans

Physical description

Devira stands 5'2 with black hair and dark brown eyes. She is lean and well-formed, a perfect hourglass figure and an elegant silhouette. Her face is both intimidating and captivating, a perfect match for her conceited personality. She has beautiful almond shaped eyes that also can scorn a person to shame with a single glance. Devira has the build and elegance of a sophisticated young heiress, and she exudes both confidence and elegance with every movement.


Normally Devira has a very assertive character. She is intimidating by first impression, and never afraid to speak her mind. Devira tends to throw an air of dominance above everyone else. She is selfish, looking out only for herself. To Devira, friendships and relationships are a waste of time, and she only values people who she can use for her own benefit. Because of this, she always manipulates people to get them to do what she wants, but never helps them in return. Feigning concern and sympathy is something Devira has been able to master, but she never truly cares about anyone but herself.

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Image of Devira Selain (deceased)
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