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Summary: Irene is a tired, average kind of person. She's easy to overlook, but that doesn't make her useless.

Irene Ford

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Gender: Female

Age: 21

Group: Humans

Physical description

The best way to describe Irene is 'aggressively average'. With constantly tangled blonde hair down to roughly her shoulders, as well as tired brown eyes, she's easy to overlook. She is small for her age and pale, as if she has never even seen the sun before.
She usually wears turtlenecks, or anything that covers her up as much as possible. The only accessory she will never part with is her white scarf.


Irene is always tired. As such, she doesn't tend to push her opinion too much. She will make it known what she thinks, but often lets others walk all over her in the end. Tact isn't her strong point, but she can tell where the line is when it comes to people's sore spots.

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Image of Irene Ford
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