Let's go find us a Sara

“Come on, your wit’ us,” Daphne gave Luan a pat on the arm and moved toward the front. It always seemed she was ushering them into something, moving about as if standing still were a dangerous tactic. But why did she feel the need to exert any control or influence over these people and why did they go along with it? Probably because they all knew each of them was just as scared as the next. Hell, Daphne would have listened to herself or just about anyone if it meant she didn’t have to think or linger on the shit they’d seen.

There voices seemed to carry in this place so she didn’t have to worry about being heard as they started toward the ravine. “We woke up in that same clearing just ‘ours ago,” Daphne looked to the others to see if any disagreed with that timeframe. It was impossible to tell time in this place, but there was certainly the impression that time had passed. “We’ll fill you in on what we ‘ave seen so far. Fuckin’ beetle boy and all.”

So that’s what Daphne did, for her part. She didn’t really know anything about the others except Eris and Farrah’s suspicions about a connection to the articles. That seemed like something personal to share only if they wanted. But Daphne held nothing back regarding the beetle boy.

“So yeah, I think I burnt my son to dust just by touching ‘im; ran from ‘im when eh came back as a beetle monster and watched my flat swallow him ‘ole. But eh weren’t my son ‘ere, maybe in the place we all came from? It’s all sixes and sevens so don’t ask it to make sense.”

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