As they were talking and walking, the group arrived at the edge of the tangle of shrubbery dividing them from the ravine ahead. The patch of plantlife was dense, and taller than it had seemed from a distance at about 6 foot, so that Will, Morgan and Luan could somewhat see over its tops but the women just fell short. The plants grew in thin, tall stems, sprouting off a hundred smaller stems and leaves in all directions. Despite its density, though, it parted easier than anything, almost like moving through seaweed underwater.

The rainstorm was inching closer now. Another flash of lightning occurred, momentarily blinding as the thick strands of purple light crawled the roiling clouds. In the light, Will, Morgan and Luan might have caught a glimpse of the top of someone's head on the other side of the clearing. The crack of thunder followed but three seconds later.


After exiting the ravine, Sara faced the thick mass of plants, eerily waving in the wind. If she jumped, she might see the tops of a few heads on the other side. She'd also see a low hill, crowned with trees shrouded in twilight. The voices were drawing closer.

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