Surround sound

Sara heard a female voice calling for her to show herself, off to her right somewhere. "We're not in the mood for hide and fucking seek!" The same voice, now coming from the left. Standing at the edge of the dense field of plants, she could not see more than a foot into the thick plantlife. The owner of the voice could be anywhere within the perimeter. Then, from right in front of her, a whisper:

"We had no choice."


Morgan barely felt the plants as he pushed through, yet it felt like he should have been through it more quickly than he was. Eris yelled next to him and it made his ear ring. He looked around, but she wasn't there. The grass-like plants were taller now, and he had lost sight of the glowing tower that guided him. Someone breathed heavily to his left. He noticed the breath rose and fell in parallel with his own. A flash of lightning cracked overhead. A moment later, the thunder rumbled from below his feet. On its back, a chorus of whispering voices rose around him and died away.


No sooner had the word "seek" escaped Eris' lips or her own voice was thrown back at her. From throughout the grass, the words she had just spoke rose and bounced and echoed and ricocheted. Her voice, voices, changed, the words morphed, the timbres evolved, voices of men and women and children, voices of anger, desperation, shouted in so many ways no single phrase could be understood. The voices rose to a crescendo, a peak in rage and violence, sounds of glass breaking and fighting. Suddenly, the noise was overwhelmed by a deafening explosion. It drowned out all sound, drowned out the Earth and the thunder and the rain. Eris had to clap her hands over her ears to keep from going deaf.

As suddenly as the sounds had come, they had gone. When Eris looked up at the dumbfounded and confused faces looking at her, it was immediately clear. No one else had heard what she just had.

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