Definitely not asleep

Though the shadows of the canyon had made it hard to see the body clearly, now that Akane was closer it was easier to see that the woman on the ground couldn't possibly be alive. Her legs looked twisted and wrong, her neck was at a strange angle. Her pale face, which looked like it had been quite pretty, looked sunken, and dark lines of blood had run from her nose and eye across her cheek, a small crimson pool forming below her head.

Akane could see more than the others from her lower vantage point, without overhanging walls and jutting rocks in the way. Ahead, she could see the result of a rockslide. The ravine wall there had collapsed, fanning rubble out in a wide arc onto the floor. It looked like the only way in and out, at least on that side.

She could hear the rain falling harder now, but few drops seemed to hit her. Looking up, she could see that some of the rocks and the closest cliffside were sheltering her enough to prevent the worst of the rain from reaching her. The cavernous cracks in the walls, like the one in whose entrance she'd awoken, still looked completely dry.

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