Follow the Leaders

Eris was torn between following Will towards the slope or helping Daphne crazy descent into the ravine. Will way seemed safer but... no apparently not. She winced as Will tumbled out of sight and then peered over to see him crash into the screed below.

Daphne was making good progress and once she appeared half way down Eris decided to follow. Tucking her knife into her belt she lowered herself over the edge and began to climb. At least if she slipped the Essex girl would break her fall. Glancing down she spoke,

"Tell ye what, as it was ye imaginary flat, I'll let ye imagine the knife is yours."

Daphne glanced up and flicked her a V and Eris laughed. She could see that the newbie had scrambled back under cover.

Eris rolled her eyes, this shit was getting old fast.

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