Following the Man in the Bathrobe

Daphne paused her descent to let some of the kicked up rubble from Eris slide past her. She was concentrating on finding the safest route down which was not easy in the rain. Fortunately Daphne was wearing trainers so she had some grip, but it was slow going. Even with her head down to watch the rocks, she was soaked from the rain and her black curls clung to her face. Finally she reached the bottom and could spare a hand to wipe the curls from her eyes. She looked back up at Eris and the ledge above. It seemed even further than it had when she was making her way down. Farah and Luan were still up top, Eris was making her way down, Will survived a scary tumble, but he wasn't screaming in pain do Daphne assumed nothing was broken. The other young woman who had been calling up to them made herself scarce, but they'd look for her soon.

(OOC: I'm unclear whether Morgan followed along with the rest of us. I know he was burnt badly. Hang in there, we'll get you patched up if we don't get ourselves killed.)

Daphne moved over to the body of Sara lying prone on the ground. “Oh Lady, I'm sorry you died alone," Daphne whispered as she knelt down and closed the eyelids. Well she tried, but they wouldn't stay closed. “Fuck that's creepy.” She began checking the pockets and considering whether anyone would want the clothes. Yeah, she knew stripping a corpse naked would be morbid, but it seemed like the survivalist thing to do.

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