Going down

Farah and Morgen were the last on the cliff overlooking the ravine. They watched as the other descended, one by one, into the abyss below. Farah wrapped her arms around her, shivering in the cold as the rain came down upon her. She was grateful the flames had been extinguished. She hated fire. But dying of exposure in this miserable place didn't sound very inviting either. Even if she was a murderer.

"Come on. We should get down too. It's probably drier, and this can't be good for your burns." She couldn't bring herself to take off any of her own clothing to cover his wounds. She was so cold.

She walked ahead, to where Will had made his tumble. The slope looked steep, but it was better than descending a nigh-sheer cliff like Eris and Daphne. She set a tentative foot on the rocks, reached for an outcrop, steadied herself. The ground felt dangerous, unstable. Doubt creeped into her mind. Was she even able to do this? Should she? Was it even worth it?

She pushed the thoughts away. If this world was gonna kill her, let it. Do not go gentle into that good night, her mind droned at her, though she didn't know where the words came from. Rage against the dying of the light. The words gave her an ounce of strength and she carefully made her way down the crumbly and slippery slope.

Against all odds, she managed to find her way to solid ground. She saw Will and Luan towering over the poor frightened woman in the corner of the cave entrance. She wanted to help her, but she didn't want to go pull the guys away. Instead she wrapped her hands around herself again and walked over to the body on the floor. "Poor thing," she said quietly. "We never even got to know you at all."

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