Harvesting the Dead

While Will and Luan were trying to calm Akane, Daphne was knelt over Sara’s dead body. She’d rummaged through the pockets for anything of use and was now removing the ripped denim jacket. It was a thoroughly unpleasant act, the arms were already starting to stiffen up and getting them pulled through the sleeves of the jacket reminded Daphne just how dead the body was. And it left the composed corpse disheveled, face down in the rocks and mud. “Shit,” Daphne muttered to herself, looking around to see if the others were watching with silent criticism.

<"Ah don't give a shite if you trust us or not, its cold and wet and ah need to rest so budge up or fuck off.">

Daphne couldn’t help but smile at Eris’ bold approach. She had a feeling her and she would find a way to get along. When something needed to be done it was best to get it done and worry about it later if at all. Daphne wiped the rain from her face and turned her attention back to the dead body. She fussed with the belt buckle and slipped it from the waist, coiling it up and stuffing it in her rucksack. She resolved not to remove Sara’s pants because that would be in poor taste, but she looked at the shoes and even though they wouldn’t fit her own feet, Daphne untied the laces and slipped them off.

“She don’t need ‘em no more and we will,” Daphne said to the onlooking Farah. “We can’t afford to leave these behind.”

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