The eulogy

It was Farah who first came forward. She walked up to the pile of rubble now covering the body, arms wrapped around herself, shoulders stooped, head hung. Her blonde hair was wet and clung to her face, and she looked deeply miserable. "Someone died here, I guess," she said. "Don't know who she was. But she was in the same boat as the rest of us. I guess that makes her one of us. This fucking place messed with her head and then she died. It'll probably happen to the rest of us too. She just beat us to the punch. Hope you're in a better place now. Thanks for the boots."

She walked back to the shelter by the cave entrance and looked at the sign overhead. "Does anyone recall what a Comic-Con is?" Without waiting for any real answer, she sat down next to Akane, pulled up her knees, wrapped her arms around them and rested her head. "Let's try and sleep a bit," she said. She was past the point of caring by now. "Gotta be well rested to die horribly tomorrow."

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