Welcome to Comic-Con

Rounding the bend in the cave, Daphne was momentarily stunned by the change in scenery. The rough, natural cave walls seamlessly melded into concrete walls, that stretched out far higher than should have been possible, immediately reminding her of the shack-apartment amalgamation. Sunlight, real and pure, golden and warm and delicious, shone through large rows of windows four or five yards above floor level, as well as through the panes in the ceiling.

But what was most shocking was the people. There were thousands of people, tens of thousands. Many wearing elaborate costumes in every color imaginable, sporting wings or horns or both. People dressed as robots, people painted green, people wearing stretchy full-body suits with intricate patterns. A few were wearing the same outfit the man who’d gone up in smoke had worn. The noise of the chatter was mind-numbing after the ominous silence of the desolate landscape outside.

“Welcome to Comic-Con!” an attendant said. “Would you like a program?” She held out a little booklet with bright graphics all over the cover.

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