Don't Stab Anyone at Comic-Con

Daphne took one of the booklets then grabbed another and another, thinking they’d burn if nothing else. She leaned in towards Will and whispered, “If it were me, I’d find someone your size, follow ‘im into a dark room and thump ‘im on the ‘ead. You need some reasonable clothes. Try for something that looks warm. The rest of you, we need to stay together, but look for anything we can use. I don’t know if this place is real or not, but the supplies we took from my flat or the Beetle-boy shack if you prefer, those supplies seem real enough. Loads of people ‘ere so I wager there’s food o'plenty. Try to steer clear of the blokes dressed up as monsters; that can’t bode well.”

“Eris, put that knife away or we’ll be found out for sure.” Daphne turned around so Eris could get into her rucksack if she chose. “I think we should follow the smell of food.”

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