A Girl's Got to Eat

OOC: I don’t want to see this game lose any more momentum so I’ll try to stir up some shit...erm… illicit reactions. Let’s try to keep things going folks or we’ll never discover the mysteries that brought us to Nefritia in the first place.

Daphne held the glossy paper brochure open, showing the schedule to those who cared to view it. "Look ‘ere, Eris. Half past ten there’s a panel on ‘ow to survive trapped in a Lovecraftian ‘orror story. Not sure what that means, but I think that may be spot on. We’re trapped and it’s some serious horror, yeah?” Daphne’s stomach rumbled loudly and her eyes locked onto a pretzel held in the hands of a small child as he passed by, dragged along by an older teen. Without thinking Daphne reached out and snatched the doughy treat from his hands, turning to the others with wide eyes. “Don’t just stand there, run!”

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