Of we go!

Luan hadn’t put much thought to his appearance; there was after all much bigger thing to worry about. Like what kind of fucked up Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole bullshit this was!?


Not that Luan didn’t LIKE Comic-Con. Just it was the last thing he expected when passing through a dark tunnel after one of their number had committed apparent suicide! Honestly, he was just waiting for the other shoe to drop at this point.
Flaming neither doors with self-immolating accusatory ghost, creepy sound altering grass … oh, a lovey bug boy he had been told about. Serious nightmare fuel for six lifetimes and here they were now in Comic-com. How might end in anything but utter horror! What does this have cooked up for them?

"That's good fake blood! Where'd you get it?"

Luan blinked frozen by the question. “Uuuuuuuuuhhhhhh … Ben-Nye?” The answer sounded more like a question.

“Don’t just stand there, run!”

“… and we are running now.” He shrugged trailing after the Daphne and the group. Of course, he hadn’t seen Daphne blatant petty theft from a small child. Giving though all the insanity from yesterday he was going to exactly stop and question the situation!

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