On The Run

"Hey! That bitch took my sister's pretzel!!" The shrill voice of the teenage boy skipped several octaves, but it got several people to turn and gaze at the group, now collectively sprinting through the hall. Akane was trailing behind, wobbling on her heels. After a moment she let out a frustrated cry, managed to pull the shoes off mid-run, and legged it with the heels still in hand. For such a diminutive girl, she was surprisingly quick on her feet. She screamed: "Why did you even do that?!" as they went deeper into the bowels of the convention.

But while the entrance hall was still populated sparsely enough to run at full tilt, this changed quickly as they entered the main hall. It was like running into a moving wall of people and it quickly became impossible to do more than a fast walk. Worse, because of the various streams of people jostling them this way and that, it was becoming difficult very quickly to remain in a group. Daphne heard Morgan's voice: "No, let me through! Will!" moving away from her even as she walked. Behind them, everyone could hear the shrill shrieking of the boy: "Yes, them! They STOLE my little sister's PRETZEL! I WILL HAVE JUSTICE FOR MY SISTER!!"

(OOC: I will take over Akane and Morgan temporarily due to absence. Zappline has given birth to a baby boy, so she needs plenty of time (congratulations again, Zappline!).)

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