The Press of People

Eris clutched the handle of her kitchen knife, still tucked into her belt. The crowd was pressing in all around her. Several teenagers dressed as Klingon barrelled into her and she was sent sprawling into the sea of shuffling feet.

She tried to get up but the press all around her kept knocking her down. She looked up to see a guy in a leather jacket holding a base ball bat wrapped in barbed wire. He grinned down at her.

"Say hello to Lucille." he said holding the bat down towards her. Eris scrambled back and pushed herself to her feet, turning into the crowd. A guys dressed as a wookie knocked her sideways and she found herself standing in front of a man in a loin cloth holding a broad sword.

He spoke in a deep Germanic accent, "Crush your enemies -- See them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their women!"

"Lament this." she snarled and kneed him in the balls. She snatched the sword out his hands and gave him her kitchen knife. "Swap ye." she said and turned to push her way through the crowd holding the sword. It was a replica of course but it was pointy at the end and as heavy as fuck. An all round much better weapon in her opinion.

She saw Daphne struggling through the crowd ahead of her and pushed forward.

"Daphne wait."

"khaleesi." a tall man in a suit of fake black armour called out and made a snatch for her jacket. She shrugged him off. He winked at her.

"Fuck off." she returned and tried to find Daphne once more. She thought she saw will then and pushed in his direction, her eyes fixed on his dressing gown. She got close enough to touch him and reached out. As she grasped his robe he turned and it was no Will. Just some looser in a Jedi robe.

"May the force be with you." he said gravely and she shook her head in frustration and pushed on ahead.

"Yes, them! They STOLE my little sister's PRETZEL! I WILL HAVE JUSTICE FOR MY SISTER!!"

Eris turned to see several members of the crowd pointing in her direction.

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