Three's a Crowd..

With the group on the move, Will tried to remain close by. This did not last once they hit the sea of bodies, each person drifting away. He heard Morgan yell for him, but he could not decide where it had come from, causing him to start shoving those in his way in order to find the only REAL people he knew.
"Yo man, what the fuck is your problem?"
Several people attempted to stop him, one of which was dressed as a security officer....wait, that wasn't a costume, it seemed the world wanted to remove him next.
"Come on now, before this gets any messier-"
As he was getting drug away, Will attacked the officer, finding the crowd around him placid and unaware as he stole the mans clothes.
"Finally, a weapon."
Holstering a gun and a baton, Will tried to spot anyone he could recognize before pushing his way through again, this time people getting out of his way.
"Guys? Eris? Morgan??"

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