You Look like Someone Worthy of a Mob

OOC: I was assuming our characters would retain no knowledge of what Comic-Con is even if they had been to one in their past. Which Daphne most surely has not. But I like the way everyone’s grabbing the reins and making stuff happen.

It wasn't as if Daphne enjoyed stealing baked goods from little kids, but hunger had a way of bringing out the worst side of her. She was just that hungry. And one pretzel was not going to change that for long. Honestly Daphne would have done it all over again. They should be stocking up on food and some of those shiny swords that were on display. If this place was real then whatever punishment followed their disruptive antics and petty theft would be well worth it. Anything was better than that twisted world of disturbing horror from which they’d just arrived. But that didn’t mean they had to roll over and take it.

“Who you callin’ a bish?!” Daphne spun around to confront their pursuers; not so much out of anger or frustration, but a need to know how many there were. Will was gone. Eris was lost in the crowd too, though her flaming red hair would help spot her if she’d just jump up and down or something. Morgan was nowhere to be seen, but he’d contributed very little to their efforts following his ordeal with the flaming grass. No that was Luan who burned himself. Christ she couldn’t keep things straight in her mind anymore. And wasn’t there a petite Asian woman; about Eris’ size?

Daphne stomped her foot and glared at the crowd gathered around. “And that’s a straight lie. I was just joyin’ the last bites of me own pretzel when I seen the li’le girl drop ‘ers. Weren’t nuffin’ to do with me. Why we runnin?” Daphne waved the glossy brochure in the air as if that explained everything. She sighed when it didn’t. “It’s a full schedule today and we want good seats for the panel half past ten.”

Like a flock of dancing flamingos, in unison half the faces among the crowd dropped as they checked the schedule to see what she was referring to. If good seats were going to be an issue they didn’t want to be left out.

Someone among the nameless faces shouted, “Aw, is Missandei upset? Don’t go losing your head!” Tasteless laughter ensued.

“What’s up with your hair?” another barked. “I thought you’d be used to the humidity seeing as you’re from tropical Naath.” Geographical references to fictional continents rendered less enthusiastic laughter.

“Hey shut up, I think that really is Missandei.” Everyone went silent as they stared and elbowed each other. Then the crowd started closing in, pressing in on all sides.

“Em….right yeah thas me. I’m ‘er; I’m Miss Andy. Maybe one of you’s could - watch it! Thas my tit you wanker!” Daphne managed to get a hand up among the packed horde and shoved it into the face of the inappropriate groper.

“Missandei! Won’t you eat my doughy delight?!” And suddenly pretzels were being shoved into her face and sprinkling salt through her lifeless curls. Her feet were moving fast to keep from being stepped on as the mass of people surged towards one of the large auditoriums, sweeping her along with them.

OOC: Lucien, this would be a great time for Sheriff Will to come to her rescue. I’d like them to arrive at the panel because we have questions dammit!

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