Officer Will

The crowd surrounding Will became more and more compliant as he flexed his new found power, allowing him to actually get a grasp on his surroundings. He could see pictures of food, the smell verified that he was near vendors. The smell also awoke the hunger he had been suppressing, driving him to the closest one. Bags of chips and other sealed snacks hung in lines and hot dogs rolled in a cooker.
"Umm... Can I have one of these?"
The man working in the stand turned to Will with the bored face of a long days work, becoming slightly more cheerful when he saw the uniform.
"Oh sure, place can be murder for our men and women in uniform. Here, a dog and chips on the house."
Not caring if he looked crazy, Will scarfed the food down. He was about to ask for more when someone shoved him away.
"Move it! I have to meet her!"
The women was gone before he could retaliate, instead making sure he hadn't been robbed.
"If it wasn't good money, I wouldn't work at these. Everyone is such a spazz."
Looking to the vendor, the man was busy with other customers, but two hot dogs lay on the counter. A momentary glance from the vendor confirmed who they were for, Will took them and nodded in gratitude.
“Em….right yeah thas me. I’m ‘er; I’m Miss Andy. Maybe one of you’s could - watch it! Thas my tit you wanker!” Daphne managed to get a hand up among the packed horde and shoved it into the face of the inappropriate groper.

“Missandei! Won’t you eat my doughy delight?!”

Perking up at the familiar voice, he saw the mass forming in the direction the woman had shoved him. It was time to see just how powerful his new getup was.
"Everyone step aside, make way!"
While not overly forgiving, the crowd allowed Will to reach the center, where he was met by Daphne.
"Daphne! Holy shit I found someone."
Looking at the ring of people around them, he saw the women that had shoved him and realized the situation. Standing in front of Daphne, he did his best to sound like they belonged there.
"Alright everyone, don't crowd Da..Missandei."
Looking back, he spoke quietly.
"Any idea where to go? I am able to get through most of the crowds with ease but I have no clue where the others are."

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