As Daphne looked around, it was still difficult to see anything but the wall of people, a manic hunger for her attention written in their eyes. Their writhing movements reminded her a little too strongly of the beetles in the apartment-shack the day before... But no, they were just people. Though the realism of some of these costumes was unbelievable, and a little disturbing...

Luan, who was last in line save for Akane, was the last to arrive at the main hall. He saw Will's head sticking out above the growing crowd in the corner, heard Daphne's voice over the talking and yelling and growling. Wait, growling? When he looked behind, Akane was nowhere to be seen, though she had been right behind him earlier. Did she lose him in the chase? But there hadn't been any branching paths... And Morgan was nowhere to be seen, either, and he had been way ahead of them with Daphne, Will and Eris. Come to think of it, Eris seemed to be lost, too. How did they get so split up so fast?

Eris started to seem lost to herself as well. Streams of people jostled her this way and that, disorienting her. For a moment she recognised the hall they had come from, a fair distance away. Then she was knocked off her feet by an overenthusiastic attendee. "I am sorry, miss!" a deep, rumbling voice said. "Let me help you up." When she looked up, she was offered a thick, green, veiny hand with three fingers, the equally green face hovering over hers too large for a human. The fangs, too.

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