What has she gotten herself into?

“Nice one Bruva!” Daphne latched onto Will’s side and chunked a half eaten pretzel back out into the crowd. “Chip off you lot!” Daphne pulled and pushed Will like a shield, clearing a path across the exhibit hall to an isolated door that had a sign posted - Celebrity & Guest Entrance Only. It was locked or rather had no means of opening from this side, but a few judicious moments of pounding and kicking paid off.

“This is a private….” the attendant started to berate them as he cracked open the door, but after a moment his eyebrows raised and he opened the door further. “Sorry Ma’am, I thought you were already backstage.” He ushered them inside the narrow hallway and closed the door securely. “Is this your private security?” he asked, tilting his head towards Will.

Daphne lowered her head and dragged her hands through her limp curls, releasing a shower of dirt and salt onto the floor. Her voice was muffled in this position when she responded. “Yeah, I like my escort in uniform; makes me feel safe. Hol’ up, backstage?!” Her head popped up and she looked back and forth between the attendant and Sheriff Will.

“Well, yeah. This is Comic Con and you have a ten thirty panel in the Main Assembly Hall. We’ll save some time at the end for a quick Q&A session then you’re doing photos and autograph signing.” the man looked down at his clipboard and nodded his head. “Yeah, we’re all locked in. You should be out of here by 4 o’clock and free to get back to your Khaleesi.” He seemed particularly proud of that comment.

“My what?” Daphne’s lower jaw must have been getting heavy because it wouldn’t stay up.

“The Mother of Dragons - you’re her sworn and loyal handmaiden turned personal advisor to the Queen? Are you sure you’re feeling alright?”

Daphne stepped towards the man with her fist raised, but Will was quick enough to grab and hold her back. “I aren’t no ‘andmaiden and you’re silly as a sixpence if you think I’m getting up on some stage in front of… ‘ow many people?”

“Hall H sits 6,500 Miss- Miss Emmanuel.”

Great, more names tossed her way. “6,500?! That many people came to see ‘er -” Daphne corrected herself after a well timed nudge from Will. “-her loyal advisor to the Queen?”

“More than that, Ma’am. There’s a spill over room setup with a simulcast presentation for those who…” He was cut off by Daphne who was shaking her head emphatically.

“I’d look like a right mug if I went out there. I’m a mess. Oh get off it, I seen your eyes peepin’ at me ‘air.”

“Yeah, we might want to do something about that.” The attendant checked his watch and made a decision. “Come on, I think we have just enough time to -”

“Go Go Go mate, don’t spare the feelings now. Less find some ‘andmaiden with a ‘airdryer or a big kerchief!” Daphne and Will followed the man who was leading them… somewhere. She turned to Will in his Sheriff get up and wondered out loud. “This all gone tits up so fast.”

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