What to Wear?

“Oh my god yes gimme,” Daphne scooped up one of the dogs and stuffed half of it in her face. She gave it a few chews and swallowed, closing her eyes in near delirium. She ate the second half more slowly, remembering that she was trying not to slide further down the scale of interest. “You know, Will - that robe; it could ‘ave been worse. I saw a lacy li’le piece in the loo of me beetle flat. Shame I didn’t grab it.” She gave him a suggestive look before wrapping a damp towel over her head and massaging her scalp.

<<"You might want to take advantage of the free clothes like I did. Might not get another chance." This reminded him to check his own outfit, making sure his new gun had real bullets and that the taser worked. He held the taser out. "You want this just in case?">>

She moved over to the rack of clothes while she was working her hands through her hair. “The copper look is much better look for you. Give us a ‘and pickin’ some stuff we can use. For me, not you. From now on you stay out of me robe unless I give you the yeah. Shit is that real?” Daphne nearly jumped out of her jacket. She reached out and took the taser, turning it over in her hand. “Fuck yeah I want this. So you jumped a real bobby? Nice one.”

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