5 minutes

A knock came on the door of the dressing room. "5 minutes til stage, Missandei! Better be looking up and top and spic and span! Your fans are awaiting with gleams in their eyes and blood on their fangs! Don't disappoint them now!"

The clothes rack Will was rustling through was indeed mostly fancy dress, though there were several styles of jeans and shirts on hangers as well. As he moved aside one of the dresses, two different things caught his eye.

The robe from the apartment was hanging neatly on one of the hangers. It was still covered in stains and exuded a damp smell like wet dog. One of the pockets hung slightly open and the edge of a yellow cap could be seen inside.

But behind the rack, he could also see a small door. It would be big enough to crawl through, if it opened, but only on hands and feet.

As Daphne was trying to wrestle her hair into submission, she noticed movement from the corner of her eye. On the table next to her crawled a fat, sickly red beetle.


With Luan taking charge, he and Eris managed to make their way up front. Growls and hisses surrounded them as they muscled through the crowd with the help of the sword. The mixed hum of "Missandei" and "Daphne Harper" was getting louder and louder as they went. After they passed an impossible tall man with purple wings, they finally for a good view of the stage. There was something large and rectangular on its center. A weathered, wooden construction, a razor sharp slab of gleaming metal hanging from the top.

It was a guillotine.

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