You make my name sound creepy

“But … I’m proper…” Daphne’s shoulders slumped and she resigned herself to follow Will’s lead. She didn’t want to leave this room, it felt like a piece of comforting history that was safe and isolated from that world out there full of terror and disgust. The appearance of the beetle, one solitary beetle, seemed to be a reminder to them both just where they were even if it took a minute for Daphne to realize. If she were honest with herself, the thought of going out onto a stage to speak in front of 6,500 people filled her with panic and dread as well.

Daphne moved to the large door through which they had entered not long ago and faced Will, pressing her ear against the door to listen. Her robust curls were scrunched into poor Will’s face and Daphne struggled to suppress a laugh. The two of them were staring at one another in close proximity while, between the thudding of her own heartbeat which had risen up to fill her ears, she began to hear that strange chanting; a combination of sounds and words that shifted and merged. She pulled her head away from the door and stared at it.

“Da fuck?” She shook her head and moved away from the door. “Nope, I ain’t going out there with them chanting my name like that. Not today.” She grabbed her rucksack and started looking around the room for anything they could use. “Look it,” she pointed, having found the small door or hatch behind the rack of clothes. “Give us that torch from your belt, maybe we can get out through ‘ere.”

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