An unexpected find

As Will carefully pulled the small door open, he saw at first... nothing. It was fairly dark in the back of the dressing room, darker still the space in the wall. But the dark was not empty. As Will looked closer, he saw that the walls beyond the wooden posts surrounding the opening were lined with... silk? Some sort of shiny cloth. And in its midst, he could see a bald head with dark patterns across the skin.

Then the head began to stir, and a low moan came from the open door...


Something about the chanting and yelling crowd was starting to feel horribly familiar to Eris. Every time she saw a flag or a banner, it momentarily looked like it was blue with a white diagonal cross. More and more of the chants around her began to sound like a language that was like English, yet different at the same time, but she understood it just as fine as she did English. Better, even. And for some reason, it all made her feel increasingly homesick, to a home she could not remember.

Out of the bag of someone in front of her, a tall man wearing a kilt, stuck an object that caught her attention. It looked like a capped steel pipe with a fuse.

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