We'll ask the Questions

<<Then the head began to stir, and a low moan came from the open door… Will hears some intense words coming from the man surrounded by the silk-like material. "Fuck, shit!" as the stranger tore some of the material down.>>

Daphne peered over the top of the small door set low on the surface of the dressing room’s back wall and shined the bright beam from the Copper’s torch directly into the eyes of the bald man stuffed within the silk-lined crawlspace. She didn’t like the look of this. What was it, a coffin?!

<<The new man stopped as he finally noticed some light streaming into the room. He looked up and saw Will. Picking his way over the silk, the stranger approached Will with a hopeful look on his face.>>

She started to close the door and try to forget she’d ever seen any of this, but the man with demon markings on his skull was already crawling out of the pocket-size passage. Daphne stepped back and lowered the light just a smidge.

<<When he reached the doorway, he stopped. "Where the hell am I?" He said in a low voice.>>

“You’re in my dressing room, mate. At Comic Con,” That last part Daphne said with less certainty. Who knew where they really were; hadn’t they been in a cave? “And jussowl ‘ong you been ‘hiding in that ‘ole?” Daphne looked back to the main door, wondering how much time they had before the creepy Comic Con attendant returned.