Will hears some intense words coming from the man surrounded by the silk-like material. " F#ck, Sh@t ! " as the stranger tore some of the material down.

The new man stopped as he finally noticed some light streaming into the room. He looked up and saw Will. Pickong his way over the silk, rhe stranger approached Will with a hopeful look on his face.

When he reached the doorway, he stopped. " Where the h*ll am I? " He said in a low voice.

Brian looks up when he hears Daphne, he gives a low chuckle. " How long have I been tnere? I have no idea how I got in the room or even if rhere's another doorway. The first thing I know is that Iwoke up with all of those sheets around me. "

Brian looks aeound; " I don't want to face whoever could put me in rhat room. Is there anyway to get out of here? "

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