Runaway Girl

Between being assaulted by the strange doppelgänger of Luan and Daphne suddenly rushing off, Will was left with his head spinning.
Brian came into focus, helping him up.
“Daphne.. where is she?”
A shrug being his answer, his mind cleared at the sound of the ominous chanting. Nodding to Brian to signal that he was ok, he ran after his runaway girl. He didn’t need his instincts to know whatever she was running to, it wasn’t a cute Q/A session.
“DAPHNE! What are you doing, it’s a trap!!”
Busting through a closed door, he did a double take as he entered the back of an auditorium filled with people. Two of which being Luan and Eris.
Not caring about the person hey were talking to, he grabbed Luan on the shoulder to pull him closer.
“Where is Daphne?? I was right behind her, she must have come through here.”

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