>>Not caring about the person hey were talking to, he grabbed Luan on the shoulder to pull him closer.
“Where is Daphne?? I was right behind her, she must have come through here.”

Another man had joined the two awestruck individuals. Though handsome, he looked rugged and unkempt. He seemed to be looking for something or someone. Devira watched as this frantic, yet good-looking man spoke to the other man named "Luan". There was an urgent tone in his voice, and Devira guessed he must be looking for a person. She left the group and made her way towards what she hoped was the auditorium exit. There may be other people with the answers she was looking for, but they weren't here.

Devira glanced around her as she walked, trying to make pick out familiar landmarks or clues that would jumpstart her memory. Nothing. Where would she be able to gather information about herself? How could she get her memories back? And who was responsible for all of this?

(Edit: I read the entire story and realized we're in the middle of nowhere. Oops)

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