Daphne takes the stage

As if on a tightly rehearsed cue, the entire crowd fell silent at the same time. The noise went from deafening chanting to a level of quiet so intense, Luan, Devira and Eris could hear their own breaths. On the stage, the lights began flashing, and a pair of spotlights were trained firmly on the guillotine. The screens on either side of the stage burst to life, showing the attendant as he entered the stage, appearing from behind the guillotine. He was now dressed in an impeccable suit, his hair slicked back, a jovial grin plastered on his face.

"Nefritia Comic Con!" he thundered into his microphone. "Are you hungry for our main event?!"

The crowd bellowed in unison: "AYE!" and fell silent as the grave again.

"Then welcome our first accused!" The attendant gestured broadly to the right of the stage. Two police officers appeared from the wings, pushing ahead of them a crazed-looking Luan. He was dressed exactly as the Luan in the crowd, who stood agape. The only difference between the two of them was that the one in the crowd was partially covered in caked and crusted blood, while the one on stage merely had drops scattered across his face. "Let me go, you fucking pigs!" he yelled, letting off a string of expletives. The dead silence of the crowd meant his voice carried easily through the hall. The cops just shoved him onto the platform, slammed his neck underneath the guillotine and shut the wooden block over him, locking it down with a padlock on the side. Luan struggled, but could not pull his head away. "I'll kill you, Will Mertins, you fucking brother murdering cunt!" he shrieked. "Daphne Harper, I'll slit you open from your black gash to your tits! Fuck you!"

"Isn't he a charmer? Luan Voor De Zon has committed murder!" the attendant roared jovially. "And for his judgment, do we have a star for you! None other than the advisor to the Mother of Dragons, Missandei herself, Daphne Harper!" He turned back around, and there stood Daphne, at the back of the stage. At her mention, the crowd came back to life, resuming their mixed chants of "Missandei" and "Daphne Harper."

"Miss Harper will be given the choice," the attendant resumed after a few moments, and at his first word the crowd fell silent as one again. "Release Luan here from his chains..."

"Don't you fucking dare pulling that rope, you nigger bitch!" the prisoner shrieked, trying to twist his head to see her and not succeeding in the slightest. "I'll gut you! I'll fucking kill you!"

"... or release him from life," the attendant finished with a grin. He held out a rope that went to the top of the guillotine, presenting it to Daphne. "Release or death, Missandei. It's your choice."

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