Mess With the Bull

The sight of two Luan’s would have confused him, but knowing Eris was with this one(hopefully not another trick) and his overall fed up attitude made it easier to handle.
Letting go of their Luan, he pushed and shoved himself through the crowd until he stood next to Brian.
He doubted his uniform would fool anyone anymore, but he did have a gun. He winced as he remembered the taser was with Daphne.
“She won’t hear us from here and we can’t reach her either.”
Another failure, one that will probably lead to Daphne dying.
For a moment, his mind went back to the changing room. Were they supposed to have had a moment away from all of this?
Making sure he still had extra ammo, he vented all of his anger in a single moment.
Pelting the announcer with a full clip.

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